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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Annapolis/Jersey Shore Aftermath, the Big Lebowski, and More Strange Threads

Well, it's Saturday and I have to get ready to get back to work.  WITF has me this weekend; and KYW sports updates will be my second shift job for the next two days.  Back to normal...I doubt it.

Walkman time:  "A Growing Time," by Dan Fogelberg.  From the posthumous album he was working on and finished before he passed on.  Typical Fogelberg; but it's really a very good song.

Okay...again I wish to thank everyone for their support during a very trying time.  That trip to Annapolis was not a total loss, because the rough draft of "Silk Road Days" was completed before the shit really hit the fan.  I am going to eventually read the book, and make notes as I consider what to do to make a 600 page story worth reading.

I think it will be a three part story, and that's about all I can think of that will make it work.  It rather is in three parts anyway, so I believe it will go well.

"Don't Want to Fight," by Alvin Lee.  Nice...from the fantastic "Detroit Diesel" album.

I have not heard from the hotel; I have sent a message to first praise the manager for her calmness under pressure.  Also to see about a refund, and see what else can be done.  I am also seeking a copy of the police report, just in case I need some kind of record of what went down from the officer's point of view.

The cops by the way, while legitmately tough dudes (not boys you want on your bad side), were very professional and understand.  I really appreciate how they handled it, and went to a great length to find out that the accusers were a bunch of liars and attention seekers.  Add to it, their parents are a pack of sorry individuals.

I would love to know what school district or districts these individuals "represented."  Because they represented their school or schools, and their state very badly.  I am so tempted to find out, so I can send letters to their school boards and superintendents, to let them know what Grade A Assholes were sent off for a trip.

I wonder if that will be the subject of discussion, and whether those shits have queered the deal for the good kids who deserve a trip somewhere.  Wonder if they'll ever do any of those trips again.

Anyway, I really don't care because there was nothing I could be charged with, I did nothing wrong.  At all.  Period.

"Woke Up Dreaming," by Joe Bonamassa...fabulous guitar work.  This guy is way more than a blues guitarist.  

The tone changes with the music, hmmm...okay, on Friday I went up to visit Alice at her place, and we had a nice time.  She has been raving about "The Big Lebowski."  I've never seen it, til now.

A brilliant, bizarre, and well crafted crazy flick.  Jeff Bridges is fantastic, John Goodman did a fabulous job, in fact everyone in the film did damn well.  The odd cameos by Sam Elliott (straight out of Lonesome Dove) were a great add.

Loved it; great to see Jimmie Dale Gilmore in a brief acting role, and the scene where Goodman pulls heat on him over a bowling match is just weird as shit.

I also got to turn Alice on to Jim Jeffries, as his HBO special, "I Swear to God."  She digs him now.

We got to talk, have dinner, etc.  Alice is okay; she dumped her bike the night before on her way back from a show.  A little banged up, but she and the bike survived, thankfully.  Wasn't her fault; some dipshit slammed on his breaks, forcing a big rig to do the same, and that's what caused Alice to wreck.

Also got the new Bruce Cockburn CD, "A Small Source of Comfort."  Fantastic package, yet again.  Bruce is a big influence on me, and I generally snag anything he puts out.

I took a chance, as I'm wont to do:  Vusi Malahsela has a new CD called "Say Africa."  An amazing folk/African album; Taj Mahal produced and Angelique Kidjo guests on it.  Really special recording, with some fine songs.  

So...what now do I do?  I have to carry on, despite the lingering weirdness that stays with you when something really fucked up happens.  I just have to move forward with my life, and leave it as experience.

Unless that hotel offers me something, I will NEVER stay in a big chain hotel ever again.  The only one I will is one in Cambridge, because it is well staffed, the rooms are quiet and security does not take shit from shit, you dig?

True, you cannot pick your fellow guests, but you can minimize the risk and the bullshit.  When you put large numbers of people:  convention-goers, class trips, rock bands and their crews or sports teams, you are in for trouble.  Especially when alcohol is added to the mix.

You should read my June 2 blogs to get the full rundown if you don't know.

Urgh...I am again trying to look ahead here.  "Silk Road Days" is working on the brain, and I can't imagine myself writing anything new for a while, even thought I've some ideas in the can.

I also have to consider editing and rewriting of SDS-1, aka "Sweet Dreams:  Searching for Roy Buchanan."  I sense one day soon I will have a deal to get this book out, but before that, rewrites and whatever else will be required.  I'm ready as I'll ever be.

"Long Hauls and Close Calls," by Hank III...scary weird shit.

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