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Friday, March 25, 2011

A Long, Strange Week it's Been...

Forgive my paraphrasing the Grateful Dead (Bill Walton forever has the market on unnecessary and uncalled for Dead references), but it has been a long and very weird week.

I don't even know where to start.  I've finally gotten out of a cold; it went straight to my throat, and while it was not painful, it was just nagging...then it went to my sinuses.  Lovely.  But nothing too terrible.  

Walkman update..."Writing on the Wall," by Russell Smith.  Heard some good stuff leading up to this, "Hot Patootie" done by Brian May for a Rocky Horror Soundtrack of years past, some interesting Frank Zappa and Brian Eno.  All good.

Anyway, I fell into a depression of sorts this week.  Some of it was my health, then these weird changes in weather, temp. changes, warm, then incredibly cold, a day of extremely heavy rain and thunderstorms.  It always does that.

Working on a new story idea...that has some interesting elements for me, as I again dip into my past for ideas.  Not sure if I'll ever plumb the depths of my past years in order to get them away from me; but it's worth the doing.

Dharma Fools Update:  still working on it.  Johnny and I had a long talk earlier this week, about the direction the new band will take and our plans for a Japanese charity tribute EP.  Just hard as hell trying to get everyone together.  We have to be patient.

J. continues to come up with interesting songs; while he has a certain formula, he also gets to the point a lot quicker than say, I do.

I have two new songs, the first two I've written in a long time.

"I Feel So Good," by Willie Smith and Pinetop Perkins.  Pinetop just passed away, at 97!  Still smokin' right to the end.  What a guy.  Smith is now probably the last of the Muddy Waters compadres from those great years.  This CD won a Grammy, and well-deserved.  

Anyway, two is the intro/prologue for this new story idea, but it will also fit well as a song.  Katie will have to sing this one, and I'm sure she'll hit it well.

The other began as an instrumental, then I added lyrics, based on a DVD my sister sent me.  Susan has been a geneology freak, and has done extensive research into the varied branches of our family.  They are amazingly long.

She sent most of us a 2000-frame disc of photos...many are very old, dating back to the 19th Century...some more contemporary shots as well, some I didn't need to see.

They stirred some real interesting thoughts and memories.  Some good, some not.  They also really did make me look into my past and I see now where I get some of my better attributes from.  Leastways, I hope they are better ones.

Very strange to look back like that.

"We're Gonna Rock," by Paul Burlison and friends...great CD called "Train Kept A-Rollin'" -- fabulous.  I think Billy Burnette is singing on this one.  Burlison was a member of the Original Rock and Roll Trio, which included Johnny Burnette.  Great stuff.

TrafficTalk soldiers on...I'm still hanging in there, and a bit more press might help us.  Got a couple of interesting calls yesterday.

WITF has called me in next week to train on the job I didn't get.  I'm to be the fill-in guy...feeling pretty good, I hope I can do well, and let 'em know they made a mistake, hahahahaha...

Either way, to be considered is good, and to get a shot at it, alright with me.

My whole week has been strange, very strange, and I'm just not together.  My sleep patterns have been wacked.  Not sure why; I feel a terribly intensity building within, and I don't know if it means another creative surge is coming, or if means something else.

Anyway...double shift tomorrow...KYW first shift, then off to the Clear Channel job for a Bears game.  They're running it on another of the cluster, because of baseball, so it's gonna be weird.  Fortunately the boss and engineer will be on hand.  Let's hope it works.

Bleargh.  Life in the breakdown lane.  Must go.

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