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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ostara, and Other Jumbled Thoughts

Having plenty of those today.  First, a Blessed Ostara to one and all!

I cannot be with the coven today, as work is calling me out.  I have hoped this midday as I finally awakened from a looooong night at the job, and still recovering from a cold that I can get myself together.

My efforts I hope will mean something:  it is a beginning again, as we welcome back spring, the sun and some warmer temperatures.  Let's hope they stay.

My thoughts are more for others; my dear friend Anne-Marie is in her third week at Beth Israel, getting treatment for Crohn's Disease.  It is such a horrid condition, and my friend has battled it for a long time.  I have a similar affliction, but not Crohn's, and I know what it does to you.

But she is in good spirits, and her determination to live is something to respect.  I wish her well, and wish I could be there to see her.

Walkman update:  "My Father's Shoes," by Cliff Eberhardt.  I listen to this in the Office, to drown out people who are unnaturally and unnecessarily loud!  Heard some good tracks earlier as I prepared today..."Christian Island" by Gordon Lightfoot, "Tennessee" by Carl Perkins (him doing country is interesting), "The Flood" by Yusuf Islam, "Vegas" by Sara Bareilles.

The people of Japan,  again in my mind.  The nuclear problem remains, but it seems like they're working at it, the way they do with everything.  The death toll still rises, but again the Japanese people suck it up, and go on with life, even in the face of having their lives turned upside down, and wracked with the loss of friends, family, businesses and homes.  I hope for them, as well.

"Godchild," by Sonny Landreth.

Now...I have to get back to work, and soon.  Another long shift at WITF, for KYW, more than anything.

Hope does spring eternal; I may just have another chance at that job I was turned down for.  I've been asked to come in this week to do some training on that job, and become a fill-in guy once again.

Hopefully the Public Radio system will allow me to work about in different circles.  For some reason, I don't know why companies that are separate but owned by the same firm don't allow cross-work.  Well, they do, but it is weird.  All of it.  But hey, might be a 2nd chance.  Nice.  I'll go for it.

My future needs a bit of reassurance, with work, etc.  I keep working, editing "Out Among the Stars" again, it needs it.  My new idea is a slow cooker, and I'll look into it again when time allows me.

TrafficTalk's future is uncertain.  I had a talk with my boss Friday; I am not sure of their direction, but I told them I'll stay in with them long as it is doable.  I still feel it has a future, but I think the one thing missing is capital.  That drives a lot of things, unfortunately.

I got my invitation the other day from my nephew Aubrey and soon to be niece-in-law, Erica.  They are walking the aisle in August.  Very cool; can't wait to see that happen, and see what they've done to the old family home.  Did a major remodeling of it, and I don't even recognize some of it.  Interesting...wonder how my siblings will handle that?

"Cold Chills," by Jimmy Reed...

Well, I gotta get moving.  I feel hung over, and I don't drink.  But it's what I gotta do.  My wish again is for things to turn, but not so much for me, for others.  I do I suppose have to think a little bit about myself, though...yes, I must.

Trying to not be a self-centered person...I'll sort it out.

Enjoy Ostara, and hopefully things are good where you are...

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