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Monday, August 13, 2012

Your DJ in Cyberspace...and Other Thoughts's time for a blog...still feeling very happy about my first time as a DJ in the ether.  After a bit of business about getting the proper software, and configuring everything, I made my debut this afternoon for Radio-Airwaves UK. 

You can find them here at -- just click on "Listen" and you're in!

DJ Groove Rider is my boss, and he helped me a great deal; the vision is music for the people.  We all love music, and it is one of the greatest driving forces in this world.

A little bit after noon did I get on, and ended up going till 5 pm due to equipment issues with one of the other folks.

Here's the set list (via iTunes):

Little Belle 3:14 Gene Dante and The Future Starlets

I'm Alive  4:01 Garland Jeffreys

Radio 4:01 Fono

It's You 4:24 Anson Funderburgh & The Rockets Feat. Sam Myers
Statesboro Blues 3:00 Taj Mahal
Here Comes The Sun 3:02 Sue Foley
Hurricane Party 5:56 James McMurtry
Johnny Come Lately [1987/Live in Raleigh, NC] 3:55 Steve Earle Copperhead Road (Deluxe Edition) [Disc 2]
Jimmy Reed Highway 4:05 Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmy Vaughn

Money for Nothing 6:19 Eric Clapton w/M. Knopfler

Make Out  3:27 Frenchy and the Punk
I Am The Big Easy 4:37 Ray Bonneville
I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat 2:11 Fabienne Delsol
Ring Around The Moon 3:39 James Blundell
A Brighter Day  3:55 The Doobie Brothers

Down Home Blues 5:16 Z.Z. Hill

Hot Night In A Small Town (LP Version) 4:26 Billy & The American Suns
Green Mountains and Me 3:45 Slaid Cleaves
Be My Number Two 4:22 Joe Jackson
Over The Waterfall 4:33 Robert Earl Keen
Silver City 4:35 Joe Ely
Gimme Shelter 6:12 Joanna Dean
One Drop  4:52 Public Image Ltd.
Revolution 1 4:15 The Beatles
Big Green And Yeller 4:16 Seasick Steve
Easy Come, Easy Go! 4:40 B'z B'z 
Pick Me Up 6:56 Flying Colors
Ain't Doing Nobody No Good 4:47 Tony Joe White
Forefathers 4:57 Dan Fogelberg
This Time 4:18 Dan Colehour
Hey Darlin 3:20 Racing Rain
The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead 5:02 XTC
Time Is Passing (demo) 3:26 Pete Townshend
Redemption Song 3:28 Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
The Point Of It All 5:35 Amanda Palmer
This Is Hip 3:27 John Lee Hooker
Underground 5:09 The Kentucky Headhunters
Iced Honey 4:38 Lou Reed & Metallica
Money 6:16 Roger Waters w/Paul Carrack
London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do) 3:51 Heather Nova
Little Wing 6:51 Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Easy Rider 4:51 Chris Rea
Help Us, Somebody 5:39 Chris Thomas (King)
Man Of The World 3:31 Alejandro Escovedo
Knowingly 4:43 Appalachian Translator
Seattle 3:55 The BPA Feat. Emmy The Great
Let Me Inside 3:31 Santana

Soul Machine 3:03 Manu Dibango

Run Conejo Run 4:52 Dave Alvin
Smokestack Lightning 4:10 Big Jack Johnson; Kim Wilson; Pinetop Perkins
Celestial Horses 7:48 Bruce Cockburn
Give Me The Wonder 3:37 Johnny Clegg
Cut You 3:39 Penelope Houston
Capricornia 3:18 Midnight Oil
A Horse Named Janis Joplin 5:20 Sarah Jane Morris
East Of Woodstock, West Of Viet Nam 4:25 Tom Russell
Say Africa 5:01 Vusi Mahlasela
Beautiful Swimmers 5:21 Jimmy Buffett
Cool On Your Island (LP Version) 4:59 Y Kant Tori Read
Imperfection 3:40 Rachel Fuller Cigarettes & Housework

I'm not saying I'm gonna do this for every shift, mind.  This was just to give you a look at the breadth of what I offered up.  My music collection got pretty sizable over the years, and I was happy as ever to finally get to play what I wanted again.

It's like college radio to some extent, or if you managed to have an owner who was cool about you doing stuff in the off-hours.  

Still some tweaking with the headset mic, jump drives, and monitor issues, all while running all this from my poor aging desktop.

But it was fun...and that's the point.  I for once got to (again) play music that while not at all mainstream, was music that had meaning to me, and I hope for others.

My thanks to Groove Rider, and my Radio Airwaves colleagues for their help and support; I feel good at being wanted in somewhere.

So...unless I get called to be a substitute, my regular gig will be Mondays, Noon to 2 pm Eastern time.  This was fun, and I'll have more next time 'round.

Thank you all for listening and helping me out!


That said...Open Wound Update:  my leg is doing just fine; the incision has not become in any way dangerous.  I do my best to keep it clean as well as wrapped up.  Tomorrow morning I see the surgeon again for follow up and we shall see what she thinks we should do from here.

I don't know how they will close this; the big problem with cysts like this one is that they can come back.  The area of the skin where it made its presence felt has to be completely free of it.  Either way, we'll see.

Biggest problem is getting the wraps tight enough, and then hoping normal activity doesn't pull or slide it away from the site.  I can usually tell when it does.  Still walking around like an old man, but at least it doesn't look really bad.

Really gonna need to see the chiropractor after this heals up.


Cleanup:  more junk outta here, and another giant green bin of rubbish and another of recycling is awaiting pickup.  Have not been in season to do much more of late, but eventually I will be able to handle it.


Brain waves...since I finished "Time the Healer," I've considered another edit, and also a new idea.  The latter is going to take a long time to "cook," so there will be no "new" writing for a while.  Enough going on in my life right now!

Anyway, that's life in the breakdown lane...up and outta here.

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