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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Parasite Girls," "The Drifters," and Where Now...?

Greetings, once more...I'm sitting here in the Office, and there is much to consider. Dick Gaughan's wondrous "Sail On" is running through my iTunes...above is a live version of a Brian McNeill song...

Let's see...much has occurred, and some of my pursuits remain off to the side, as I've been back to the dreaded work...

Tango Traffic is going well...weekends and fill-in work, and I'm positive that we're headed in a good direction. Patience, and a bit more, and I think we're going upwards.

It is a slow process. An old colleague of mine says a business is like a child, you must raise it and be patient with it. Especially when the child has a tantrum.

I decided against moving out to that part of the state. I know, I swore up and down I wanted out, but after a fashion I realize I have it good here. I can keep my hand in, and keep around those that matter in a lot of different ways.

So, where are we now? "Parasite Girls" is a slow growing deal, but I must bear in mind that it will be that way. I have to find ways to promote it, and hopefully stimulate some sales. I'll not deny it, I've given away more copies than I have sold. Part of promotion, but you hope something inspires folks to pick it up.

While I am at it, I have my eye on the next goal, which is a follow-up...and that's where I'm wondering. What do I do next?

I have three stories I'm looking at right now. All are good inroads to the Young Adult market, which is mostly what I write. A lot of this would be considered 'light novels'. I personally don't care what anyone calls them. I wrote them for my own peace of mind, and also because I feel there's some value to them or I'd never have done it.

So...what have I got? I am going to ask YOU what you think: which of these would you want to read?

"The Drifters" is a lighter, more adventurous story, that at least is entertaining:

That is Chapter 9. More pieces are available on the Behance site.

Here is the darker one:

"Time the Healer" has more timely elements, and I am talking with a friend about a possible graphic novel version, due to the length of this one.

Then we have a somewhere-between..."A Moment in the Sun."

So...which one should I do? The last of the three is the most recent, and would need the most work.

"Time" needs editing, and the graphic novel could be a separate project that would preclude it being a book, so to speak.

"Drifters" I just like. It's loose, kind of silly in parts, but pretty solid on a number of issues. I like them all, but I am aware one is not ready, and another I'm not sure of.

What has the most promise? I don't honestly know at this point.

I must know soon, because I must again move on getting a proof job, seeing my artist about a cover, all that fun stuff.

While I promote "Parasite Girls," haha! It's never ending, but I'm rather happy for it.

At the least, I got the first one done! Before I die, the rest will go, mark my bloody words.

Now I am also trying to find new social media areas to travel into...found this site:

Now at the moment, Wattpad is using some of the same bits you find on Behance. Anything to open some doors, I hope.

We need to see what is next, and I'll do my best.

What I've done is not failure, it is a move up and it is a triumph in a small way. So many people say they'll do this and that, and don't.

There's reasons for that. Work, family, life...I have not given up much of anything, but time that I needed to put into something that I felt important, more than any other damned thing.

You know it's funny...people have been bitching left and right about Comcast, and the mergers, and their goddamned Netflix online streaming is slow, rar-fucking-rar.

Not to be an exclusivist, or a dick, or any of that: but I don't have cable. I don't fucking have time for it. I don't have time for Netflix. I don't have time to prostrate myself before a screen to watch stuff that I don't fucking care about.

If you have a guilty pleasure, you have the right and I would never say you couldn't watch it. If you like a certain show or shows, and you need a break, cool. Go for it.

This is my break. This is what I do. Call me fucking nuts, go right ahead. But this is what I do. I love to write. I love to create, to play music and to work in a dying industry that is finally letting me join the new wave that does make a fucking difference.

Okay, nuf of that. I would love to know what you think of the ideas I have written and worked on for a long they work? Do they have meaning? They do to me, and I hope they do to you.

Outta here, Peace.

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